Getting Noticed

How a re-worded LinkedIn profile perked things up for Chris

“People have fixed ideas about what an accountant can do for them but the way you wrote my profile has really got me noticed. It’s completely different from anything I’d ever have thought to put myself.”

Chris Holmes, Direction

Success Story: how a new LinkedIn profile perked things up for Chris








The Client

Chris Holmes is an accountant and chartered finance director whose background in commerce gives him a great eye for translating figures into practical implications for his clients’ day to day businesses. His company, Direction, undertakes accountancy, book-keeping and tax returns as well as providing a finance director service, giving businesses the expertise and experience of a chartered finance director and management accountant for a fraction of the cost of having them on the payroll.

The Challenge

Despite interacting on LinkedIn for a number of years, Chris knew he wasn’t making the most of the opportunities it presented. At the heart of this was his profile which listed his vast former employment with a CV-like precision that was impressive but unnecessary. His description – ‘accountant’ – did nothing to differentiate him from the thousands of other accountants on LinkedIn and his profile summary, although accurate, wasn’t managing to convey the significant impact of his expertise. The challenge he gave to Rachel at Welcome Words was simple: re-write it and get me noticed!

The Solution

First of all, Rachel interviewed Chris to get an understanding of the man himself as well as his business. Armed with an appreciation of what Chris loves about his job, where his strengths lie and what kinds of work he’d like to do more of, she re-wrote his profile summary to give a flavour of his personality as well as the benefits of hiring him as a freelance finance director. Gone was the rather staid ‘accountant’ description and in came the intriguing ‘financial super sleuth’. At the same time, she recognised the need for Chris to maintain a professional demeanour as well as keep registering in any online searches people are doing for accountants. And so his final occupation description became  ‘financial super sleuth, accountant & freelance FD’. The CV-like employment history was rationalised and his company profile was also re-written to focus on the benefits to customers. Anyone reading Chris’s LinkedIn profile now gets more than an inkling of his personality – so important when you have to work closely with someone – as well as an appreciation of how much more this ‘accountant’ can do for their business than simply filing the annual tax return.

The Results

  • An eye-catching profile that differentiates Chris from the competition.
  • Getting noticed – weekly profile views went up by five times their original figure.
  • Engaging with prospective customers – the improvement in the number of profile views he gets has given Chris more opportunities to open ‘warm’ conversations with fellow LinkedIn users.

Improving Customer Relationships

how an old-fashioned newsletter did it for Thornhill Solutions

“The newsletter has made a tangible difference to my business and your writing skills and understanding of my customers made it so much more readable and relevant than my original draft.”

Julian Thornhill, MD, Thornhill Solutions Ltd

a newsletter brought Thornhill Solutions Ltd closer to their customers

The Client
Thornhill Solutions Ltd is an independent mortgage brokerage run by managing director Julian Thornhill. The company specialises in helping individuals and businesses to find appropriate mortgages and financial protection.

The Challenge
When your product is mortgages, getting customers to come back for a second or third purchase can be difficult. No matter how wonderful your service, the amount of time that can elapse between purchases can be as much as five years – long enough to completely forget about who helped you find your original mortgage. Thornhill Solutions needed to find a way to keep themselves at the forefront of existing customers’ minds without customers feeling bombarded by inappropriate mailings. They also needed a mechanism to help them make appointments for ongoing annual reviews with customers. They knew a good old-fashioned newsletter, delivered through letterboxes, would help, but when they sat down to write it, none of the important points they wanted to make seemed interesting or engaging.

The Solution
Rachel from Welcome Words completely re-wrote Thornhill Solutions’ rough draft. Lengthy articles to warn customers about interest rate hikes and other fairly dry – but important – financial news were transformed into short, sharp ‘warning triangle’ bullet points. Instead of boring customers, now they made them sit up and take notice. A completely new article about how to make your house more attractive to potential buyers was introduced along with an appealing photograph. Rachel also suggested including some news and photographs about Julian himself – he and his wife were about to have their second child – to enable customers to identify with him. Using her background in newspaper publishing, Rachel was also able to suggest an attractive layout for the newsletter.

The Results
• An appealing newsletter full of short, relevant articles and snippets of news
• The newsletter helps Thornhill Solutions to stand out from the crowd of other financial advisors
• Customer engagement – customers mention and compliment the newsletter when Julian rings them and are more inclined to return his calls than they were in the past
• Julian was so pleased with the newsletter, he asked Welcome Words to write the words for his new website as well as to edit guest articles he writes for a local magazine