Copywriting Services & Brand Definition

Work with me and you’ll get intelligent copywriting for all your on and off line materials.

I don’t hang around, faff around or spend weeks on end waiting for the muse to strike. I take your brief – in fact, nine times out of 10 the questions I ask will create your brief – and then we’re off. A little bit of cogitation time, plenty of hard writing graft, and Brian’s your uncle!

Words for all your on & off line needs

I do words for websites, brochures, prospectuses, promotional fliers, annual reports, news releases, editorial/advertorials, letters to editors, case studies, magazine articles, exhibition materials, direct mail, newsletters, blogs, Linkedin & other personal or business profiles, video scripts, customer service correspondence and even telephone hold messages.

Why bother? Defining your brand

Conveying your business personality is vital if you’re going to stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it, you won’t make much of an impression if you come across as Make your brand work for youpo-faced, bland or a mish-mash of contradictions.That’s why, before I do any writing, I ask a boat load of questions and try to get under the skin of ‘who’ your business is and what it’s trying to achieve. Then, and only then, do I start writing.
But sometimes that all-important personality is as elusive as the proverbial needle in the haystack. That’s when you need to take a step back and ask yourself ‘who’ your business really is. Fortunately, 
I’ve developed a step by step process to help you define your brand and make it work harder for you. Together, we pin down your business personality, give it a memorable tone of voice and get your staff and other stakeholders on board at the same time. READ MORE ABOUT DEFINING YOUR BRAND

A Word About Search Engine Optimisation
People often ask me if I’m an SEO expert. I’ve certainly spent years creating Google friendly copy. I’ve created meta tags, page titles and woven key words into copy in every kind of density imaginable. But the truth is, Google changes its mind about what it likes in a website more often than Shirley Bassey used to change her frocks. Right now, in 2016, Google looks for sites that have credibility and authority. Key words still have a role but you can’t get away with a big long list. Good quality writing is what counts and those key words need to be built into your copy skilfully.  

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