Brand Definition – Make Your Brand Work For You

Is Your Brand Full of Fizz or Flat and Flimsy?

Do your customers buy the way you make them feel? If not, all you’re selling are commodities they can buy elsewhere. Without a strong, consistent brand to inspire loyalty, your customers are forced to make the decision to buy from you on price or convenience alone.

Brand loyalty drives up to 70% of all purchase decisions. If you don’t have it, you’re missing out.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you’ve got a logo you’ve got your branding sussed. Having a logo and a fancy slogan does not automatically equal good branding.

In fact, your brand already exists, whether you consciously manage it or not. It’s what your customers think and feel about you and what they say about you in private.

seth godin branding quoteYour branding, on the other hand, is how you exercise control over your brand by consciously using image, vocabulary and a strong sense of business purpose to build a powerful offer customers can’t ignore.

When there’s a mis-match between your formal branding and what your customer experiences, then every time you communicate you’re missing an opportunity. But with effective branding, you can take charge of every point of communication and create a really powerful, consistent brand that attracts customers and builds loyalty.

I’ve designed a process that helps you gain control of your brand.
At the end, you get:

  • A brand document that gets to the heart of your brand and will help you with everything from staff buy-in and training to customer promotions and key business decisions.
  • A strong customer proposition that appeals direct to your target audience and leaves no-one in doubt about what you do and what the benefits are.
  • A list of on- and off-brand vocabulary to help you build a more consistent brand.
  • A tightly written brief to help your designer create a visual identity – logo, colours, typeface etc – that accurately reflects and amplifies your unique business identity, for use on your website, your letterhead, adverts and other promotional materials.

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